Intersegmental Chief Academic Officers

May 10, 2000

University of Baltimore


Members Present: Michael Kiphart, MICUA, Vera Zravdovich, PGCC, Richard Rembold, CSC, Marilyn E. Demorest, UMBC, Carolyn Waltz, UMB, M.J. McMahon, TU, Jo Williams, CCCC (CSM), Gene Hall, ACM, Ray Hoy, CC, Kent Kimmel, SSU, Ross Leisten, SSU, Rusty Stephens, HCC, Mona Levine, MC, Teri Hollander, USM, Mary Ellen Hrutka, UMUC, Mary Gartner, FSU, Nancy Shapiro, USM, Bob Rice, MSDE, Ann Smith, CCCC (CSM), Tom Topping, CCC, Jack McLaughlin, CCBC, Maggie Noss, MCAD, Clara Adams, MSU, Connie Cox, MHEC, Eddie Boyd, Jr., UMES, Lillian Mitchell, GCC, Robin Spaid, HCC, Jim Ball, CCC, Ron Roberson, HCC, Suzanne Beal, FCC, Roy Hopkins, SMC, Trish Casey-Whiteman, AACC, Sarah Garrett, AACC, Anne Nedd, BSU, Gena Glickman, UB

  1. Nominations Committee Report Gena Glickman
  2. Two-Year Nominees - Jim Ball and Gene Hall; Four-Year Nominees - Teri Hollander and M.J. McMahon. Ballots were distributed and collected for tally. Vote was extremely close, Gene Hall, Allegany College of Maryland, and Teri Hollander, USM were elected as co-chairs.

  3. Legislative Wrap-up Michael Kiphart
  4. Banner year for higher education with a $1.172 billion higher education budget, a capital budget over 100 million, bringing the budget to perhaps a a little ahead of what was prescribed in legislation.

    Many financial aid and scholarship bills were proposed and passed. HB152 Repayment Obligation Ė decreased payment obligation if service not completed, now at Stafford loan rate, teachers scholarships increased to $2000 and $5000, holders of Hope scholarships can now also hold the EEO grant as well as the Hope, Hope for non-traditional students (two-year colleges) was established with a requirement of 60 credits and at least a 3.0 gpa., limit of $80,000 family income, service requirement can be met at current employment (even if DC). Scholarships will be in the amount of $3,000. Retention of unused funds for need-based aid programs. One tuition waiver bill passed for foster care students, must apply for all financial aid, waiver only for what financial aid canít cover, only for public institutions.

    HB227/SB653 vaccinations are required beginning June 1 for on-campus residents. DHMH web site has information.

    HB19 Maryland Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act supercedes copyright act

    SB603 Regional Higher Education Centers provides funding and planning.

  5. Update on Discipline Groups Vera Zravdovich
  6. Update on discipline groups, names have been added, including K-12. An updated list was distributed. (See web site for current list.) General charge developed previously to serve as basis, with expanded charge to include K-12, and other items as appropriate, MHEC to be asked for budget.

  7. Update on Math Survey Denny Gulick
  8. Pre-requisites for first credit-bearing course, thanks to Connie for help in getting it done, almost all have responded. ACCUPLACER/COMPASS used by two year not uniformly by four year. Representatives from the chief academic officers, MHEC, joint committee on mathematics clarify vision for math. Include k12 reps. K16 has transition mathematics committee working on issue, co-chairs from k12, cc, 4 year, how do we move toward strategies for improving achievement. Statewide meeting with a deliverable. AACU article why do I have to take this course? (scan and put article on web site). Bob Rice: Change mental state of math teachers to teach more students higher level math in preparation for college-level. Bridge goals, what content? Gene endorse assessment committee proposal k16. What is college-level what is gen ed. What expectations from secondary, what is the gap, what is placement.

  9. Teacher Education Articulation Committee Vera Zravdovich
  10. Look at outcomes and develop two-year program based on NCATE. See Summer committee for teac in md report. Discussion of other disciplines and relationship to teacher education, particularly Praxis I. MSDE, MHEC, K16 involved in discussions all along. AAT (associate of arts in teaching) elementary, early childhood, special ed. summer, secondary in fall. End of summer, report to CAOs.

  11. Proposal From The Council For Higher Education Music Deborah Kent

Music theory sequence typically 4 semesters, includes basic musicianship skills, but much variation, difficulty in transfer. Proposal for articulation. Bring back to campus, discussion for endorsement, adoption, incorporation into guidelines.

There was deep appreciation expressed for all the work and leadership provided by Vera and Michael over the past year. In addition, the group wished Michael well in his new endeavors, Jo Williams a happy retirement, and congratulations to Ray Hoy on his new position as president of Wor-Wic Community College.

Meeting Adjourned.