Recommendation of the Arts and Humanities Area Group

Within the context of general education and the general education program as defined in the regulations, COMAR 13B.06.01.02 Definitions:

(7) "General education" means the foundation of the higher education curriculum providing a coherent intellectual experience for all students.

(8) "General education program" means a program that is designed to:

(a) Introduce undergraduates to the fundamental knowledge, skills, and values that are essential to the study of academic disciplines;

(b) Encourage the pursuit of life-long learning; and

(c) Foster the development of educated members of the community of the world.

and within the revised and proposed change to COMAR 13B.06.01.02(3) and (9) of the definitions of the Arts and the Humanities into one definition:

(3) "Arts" and "Humanities" courses develop the students’ ability to express themselves in a competent, reasonable, and responsible manner; advance the students’ appreciation of communication through the representation of thoughts and ideas; and foster an understanding of human values, experience, and environment. Arts and humanities courses provide students with an understanding of historical context (the relationships to other times and cultures), the medium of communication (including the analysis and assessment of the actual means of expression), the views of others (by accommodating and appreciating different values and ideas), and the ability to expound one’s own values.

General education courses in the arts and humanities should also develop in the student: