February 16, 2000

Anne Arundel Community College

Coppin State College

Frederick Community College



Members Present:

Anne Arundel Community College: Michael Kiphart, MICUA, Connie Cox, MHEC, Vera Zdradovich, PGCC, Anne Nedd, BSU, Virginia Guilford, BSU, Kent Kimmel, SSU, Ross Leisten, SSU, Bob Rice, MSDE, Denny Gulick, UM,CP, Ann Smith, CCCC, Nancy Shapiro, USM, Eddie Boyd, UMES, Jo Williams, CCCC, Gena Glickman, UB, Bob Hampton, UM,CP, Jack Sbrega, AACC, Cynthia Davis, UMUC, Carolyn Waltz, UM,B, Rebecca Walker, UM,B, Ray Hoy, CC

Coppin State College: Wilfredo Nieves, BCCC, Marilyn Demorest, UMBC, Marion Mulholland, BCCC, Teri Hollander, USM

Frederick Community College: Jim Ball, CCC, Gene Hall, AC, Mona Levine, MC, Suzanne Beal, FCC, Dorothy Plantz, HCC, Gail Russell, MC, Bob Carson, HCC, Mary Gartner, FSU

Minutes Approval

  1. Legislative Bills and Initiatives Michael Kiphart
  2. Over 2116 bills, at least 17 scholarship and tuition waiver

    HB 476 & SB 697 Hope for non-traditional students, and cc grads

    HB 8 Working parents opportunity act, may get amendment for 4 yr. Inclusion

    Science & Technology to include current students & match Stafford Loan rate

    HB 231 MICUA amendment to allow students who receive EAA to get Hope

    SB 24 Student Teacher & Interns form not full blown FBI

    HB18 Librarians spoke out, impact important to watch

    SB 181 Tuition Waiver Opposing because no funding hard to plan see HB 210

    HB 227 sign waiver and provide documentation, educational Mattel's, oppose waiver because of liability and administrative issues

    HB 168 Workersí Compensation for Work-based Learning Experience

    HB77 Labor Law MICUA opposes lawyer would be necessary, non-renewal contract?

    HB 47 Antidiscrimination Act, another bill filed for education

    HB 1091 SB 391 Disadvantaged Gloria Lawlah, and Pete Rawlings, comprehensive bill to implement Miles to Go, Road Taken, one of the bigger bills

    HB 236 Technology Centers MHEC responding, is there duplication with ATC

    Excluding real estate and continuing education students Judy Hendrickson

    Eastern Shore bill classes after Labor Day


  3. Mathematics Discipline Group Denny Gulick
  4. See handout. Request to MHEC re: questionnaire, suggested request go to CAOs group. DG asked CAO endorse survey; first level vs. entry level might clarify; Suzanne Beal question re: prerequisite, some allow pre-intermediate algebra as prerequisite, need to determine if this is happening , does not follow guidelines, Do you have a general education course for which intermediate algebra is not pre-requisite? Alternative wording (as previously indicated) suggested for clarification. If the pre-requisite is not intermediate algebra, what is it? Course descriptions. Should definition be revisited? Conduct survey and then later revisit definition. Include "purpose statement" with survey, current definition, revisit, and placement/assessment. Give Math group template, charge to groups. What are math skill levels required for disciplines other than mathematics? Vera, Michael, Connie, Teri work with DG; draft sent to CAOs and survey when ready


  5. Teacher Education Committee Nancy Shapiro
  6. Four meetings held. Pat Basili and Dennis Hinkle, co-chairs. First meeting agreed to focus first on elementary education. Review of syllabi for several courses. Most recent meeting, proposed change to program articulation as opposed to course for course articulation. Competency-based curriculum. Summer workshops, 2 and 4 yr. and secondary to work on program articulation. Basic set of competencies, based on NCATE standards for elementary education. Craft model for associates level education degree. MDCCID general endorsement of approach. $ consortia grant proposal, VZ feels strongly enough that institution would provide support for their faculty to participate. NS: recruiting better quality students into teacher education, get to them early, by and large four-yearís donít have early experiences, community colleges do, transfer of credit issue donít discourage students by loss of credits, NCATE new standards for elementary education. Good time to look at gen. ed. in context of teacher education. Four year institutions are doing some rethinking. Committee should be asked to share draft for comments from each institution. Ultimate, endorsement and $ support.


  7. Computer Science Discipline Group Teri Hollander
  8. Faculty have come to consensus on the topics that should be included in Computer Science I & II courses. There will be an exchange of syllabi and mapping of topics to courses. Articulation will be on the sequence as opposed to course-to-course.

    Information Systems faculty will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss any updates and/or issues. The meeting will be scheduled for late March or early April. The CAOs will be sent meeting times and minutes.

    The Computer Science faculty request that the CAOs consider the inclusion of computer science courses in the science category of general education. A course description for the type of course to be included will be sent to the CAOs.


  9. Assessment and Placement Michael Kiphart
  10. Additional charge to the Mathematics, English, and Reading faculty to review assessment and placement. Group approves charge.

    Question re: placement tests statewide

    Community college cut-off scores summary to be sent to CAOs

    Can there be an alignment of the varying instruments


  11. K-16 Update Nancy Shapiro
  12. See handout re: legislative briefing

    k-16 bill keep issues alive; Bob Rice 70 legislators and government relations personnel from institutions, committees articulate gaps, progress made

    K-16 Work Group: standards, competencies, assessment- composition FIPSE proposal to move the "C" standards to k-12 alignment

    Outreach Committee: K-16 web site, W. MD regional k-16, addressing math alignment in western Maryland, each institution, the 3 public school systems, 3 community college, FSU have math faculty represented to work on alignment

    Deans and Superintendents will be meeting at the Ocean City MACTE conference

    Discussion: regional k-16 groups : alignment and teacher education (mirroring state level activities)

    Disciplinary Intersegmental Groups: please see handout, submit info to VZ for compilation and dissemination, strengthen secondary involvement. Deadline for submission March 7


  13. Maryland On-Line Update Vera Zdravkovich
  14. Fact sheets to be sent out

    MCCTP Three years in operation

    Maryland On-Line: all institutions are invited to participate, still working on relationships

    Distance education Ė need to express issue of attention to the need to have the state provide funding support for distance education.


  15. MHEC Update Connie Cox
  16. Mission Statements

    Commission reviewed revised formats (more specificity, clarification of what should be included and clearer link between state plan and mission statement) Three or four weeks another draft, June 30 to submit revised ms objectives and outcomes,

    Additional illustrative models for specificity, chairman Clark

    Format designed with institutions meet again 2/24 chuck, Clara Adams, Dillingham, Sandy Tomlinson; new mission statement include what? Programs exempted under old mission statements reviewed when mission statement changes

    Low Productivity Report

    Institutions should get notification this week on what programs for report.

    Academic Programs

    Summary report over last four mos. 17 cert., 13 degree new doctorate at BSU, TU audiology doctorate, MSU doctorate in business administration

    Application of Fordice

    Change to appeal procedure: added under testimony, additional 10 minutes for appealing institution for rebuttal

    Commissioners asked MHEC rfp collaborative programs (teacher ed)

    Early childhood education: materials will be sent showing participating institutions and course equivalency. Document will be evolving.


  17. Nomination Committee Michael Kiphart
  18. Gena Glickman and Wilfredo Nieves


  19. Other Business Michael Kiphart

Next meeting

12:30 p.m. Meeting Adjourned