Intersegmental Chief Academic Officers

Community College of BaltimoreCatonsville Campus

Minutes of the April 11, 2003 Meeting





Dr. Jerome Atkins, Dr. Suzanne Beal, Ms. Trish Casey-Whiteman, Mr. Michael Curry, Dr. Marilyn Demorest, Dr. Lynn M. Gangone, Dr. Mary Gartner, Dr. Virginia Guilford, Dr. Denny Gulick, Dr. Gene Hall, Dr. Robert Hampton, Dr. Faith Harland-White, Dr. Moe Hickey, Ms. Teri Hollander, Dr. Mary Ellen Hrutka, Dr. Timothy Keating, Dr. Michael Kiphart, Dr. Paul Lack, Dr. Deborah Leather, Dr. Henry Linck, Dr. Lillian Mitchell, Dr. Richard Rembold, Dr. Ed Roulhac, Mr. Dale Johnson, Dr. Tom Topping




Dr. Henry Linck, Vice Chancellor for Learning and Student Development, welcomed CAO members to Community College of Baltimore County in Catonsville, Maryland.


Approval of Minutes


Motion made to approve the 2/14/02 minutes. All members present were in favor.


ICAO Mission Statement


The mission statement was submitted to and reviewed by the Provost’s group. The Provosts’ group supports the CAO mission statement. The group affirmed the purpose and value of the CAO group, and expressed support and admiration for the work of the group.


Secondary Education AAT Report – Teri Hollander


Faculty have been nominated to serve on the discipline groups (Spanish, chemistry, math, and physics). Selection of faculty who will serve on the groups will be finalized soon. The discipline groups will include 6 faculty from 4-year colleges, 6 faculty from 2-year colleges, and 1 member from MSDE.


All faculty will be invited to join a resource group to ensure each institution will be represented. Members of the resource group will bring concerns and requests back to the institutions at least twice over the duration of the process.


An education group will also be convened with representatives from the 2- and 4-year colleges focusing on the education curriculum.


The kick-off meeting will be May 9, 2003 from 1 to 5 at AACC. The groups will report back to the oversight council by June 2004 for program approval by August 2004.


The discipline groups will determine learning outcomes and ensure that work done at the community college level will transfer easily to the 4-year colleges. The teams will seek to determine one “track” of outcomes, but up to two tracks will be possible. Concern was voiced that having two tracks could put some individuals at a disadvantage.


Concern was raised that institutions will not have enough time to put the AAT information in their catalogues if it is not finalized until the summer.


Early Childhood AAT - Fran Kroll, Early Childhood Consortium


The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation will require full-day kindergarten by the end of 2007, requiring twice the additional space and teachers.


Nine programs in Maryland offer Early Childhood Education programs:

-         Towson University

-         University of Maryland, College Park

-         University of Maryland, Baltimore County

-         Hood College

-         Frostburg State University(dual early childhood/elementary program)

-         Salisbury University

-         Villa Julie College

-         St. Mary’s (dual early childhood/elementary program)


The CAO group moved to formally endorse the Early Childhood Consortium to develop recommendations to address the needs for an early childhood AAT and communicate, coordinate and seek endorsement of the K-16 group.




The general education mathematics report is being presented to the community college presidents and then will come to the CAO group.


Discipline updates


Fine and Performing Arts discipline group — Suzanne Beal distributed the group’s recommendations, including general education objectives in the arts. The group wishes to continue meeting to develop common rubrics. The CAO members appreciated the work of the Arts group, and suggested using it as a model.


Biological Sciences — The group has had one meeting. The members spent time on the approach to the sciences. The next meeting will take place on 4/18/03.


English Literature discipline group — The group has had one meeting, and spent time on the approach to English Literature.




K-16 Workgroup Report — Group will be reviewing the K-16 priorities with NCLB in mind, and will create a matrix of activity to help clarify the requirements. The issue of highly qualified teachers, and the impact on institutions, is being examined.


M4CAO update — Math has dominated the conversation at this time.


MHEC Report — The budget is still being determined, and further cuts are possible.


CAO Officers for 2003-2004


4-year: Michael Curry of Goucher College

2-year: Rusty Stephens of Harford Community College


Issues for consideration in 2003-2004


-         NCLB presentation by Lawrence E. Leak.

-         Our capacity to respond to NCLB and other unfunded mandates

-         Other areas of General Education

-         Report from Oversight Council

-         MHEC outcomes assessment

-         Advocate for use of Middle States standards on Assessment

-         Invite speaker from Middle States Commission on Higher Education to talk to CAO group.

-         Focus disciplinary groups on best practices for assessment




The CAO group expressed their appreciation for the work done by CAO co-chairs Mary Ellen Hrutka and Tom Topping over the past year.